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We are a Black Owned thrift shop supplying hand picked vintage items with out the hype price. This Is where Reworked or Reused vintage clothing is given new life.

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The Thrift Culture

Come Experience thriftin' with the fam. Dig, explore and reconnect with the past .

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We BEEN Thriftin'

The Black Community are originators of the thrift culture either by getting hand me downs from Unc or shopping bootlegs in the 90s flea markets with the fam. We in the black community been thriftin', using 2nd hand clothing & looking dope while we do it ! Get those same family vibes right here at Black Owned Thrift.

As always we appreciate your love & support.

Vintage MJ

Owner & Curator

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Thrifted in the Wild

Thrifted Pieces Found in the Wild

  • Give Back To Black

    All proceeds go to African American families and children in the community. Also All funds will reinvest into not only ours but other black owned businesses.

  • Eco Friendly

    Black Owned Thrift LLC is all about Recyclable Clothing. We provide Secondhand & Gently Used clothing at great prices. This Is where Reworked or Reused vintage clothing is given new life.

  • Thrift Sustainably

    The average American tosses away 60+ lbs. of clothing in a lifetime. Thrift Shopping is a great way to practice sustainability. Buying at Black Owned Thrift LLC allows all of us to recycle and reuse clothing while reducing landfill waste.

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